Escape Rooms
Fort Collins, CO.

Blackbeard's Ghost

Blackbeard's Treasure: Blackbeard plundered the ships of the high seas throughout the 18th century. He also amassed a sizable treasure along the way, one that seemed lost upon his death in 1718. Nearly 300 years later, you and your friends have stumbled upon clues to Blackbeard's horde. Can you find these fabled riches, or does the shrewd captain have a few more tricks up his sleeve?

Cautious of the tide, you and your teammates become the helmsman. Determined to stay on course by way of fulcrum levers, and fearing death, you will pay a consequence in order to keep your lives.

Come retrace Blackbeard's steps as you have 1 hour to search the caves in hopes of finding his missing treasure. 

TEAM EFFORTS find their rewards. Ages 9-90 along with corp. team builders have enjoyed searching through clues to gain that reward: YOUR LIFE!

A minimum of 2 Players.

Kids parties welcome! Any player under 16 must have an adult in the room.  

Requires teamwork, using fulcrum wheels, and communication skills.

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